EMR Dallas mechanics volunteer their time to make a difference in Houston








On Friday afternoon, EMR team members loaded over $16K of much needed food, water, diapers, pet products and much more.

EMR Volunteers included DFW mechanics, James Martin and Keith Franklin of Dallas Texas.

The two mechanics used their Labor Day weekend to drive the loaded EMR semi-trailer truck to Houston. They headed right into the devastated cities looking for areas in need of their help and supplies.

It was a heartfelt experience and sight to see. As they drove up, they were immediately welcomed with smiles and cheers of gratitude. Families and staff volunteers, began waving them into their temporary shelters within parking lots, college gymnasiums and churches.

Children smiled from ear to ear when they pull out bags of stuffed animals for them.

A father tears up when he is offered food and water for his family of 4 living in a truck. A mother chokes up as they reopen truck to hand her food and clothing for her little ones before leaving to the next shelter.

Local animal shelter volunteers, in a fleet trucks stop to thank them for not forgetting the diplaced pets in need of pet supplies. The list of gratitude goes on and on.

On behalf of the entire EMR family and Houston, we thank our amazing volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout the weekend until the supplies were distributed to multiple shelters throughout Houston Texas.

We extend our gratitude to ALL who have contributed their time and resources to help rebuild one of largest U.S. cities blessed by the energy and hearts of Texas.


Quotes for the soul,

“Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time; they have the heart” – Elizabeth Andrew

“Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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