UT Southwestern Medical Center’s construction project’s history and growth.



EMR construction in Dallas is proud to be awarded another leading Vaughn Construction project for The University Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Renovations and upgrades are taking place in six different buildings on campus and cover an additional 37,000 SF space!
The vertical transportation scope consist of multi-level structures for the installation of 10 Motion Control Elevators. The MCE non-proprietary manufacturer, customized each state-of-the-art controller for this project.
EMR’s project management and construction team work together to meet the general contractor’s needs for UTSW.

EMR’s Vice President Larry Evans who was born and raised in DFW says, “I remember the major construction of Parkland Memorial Hospital back in the early 80’s when it was the primary teaching institution for UT. This construction project serves the past and present of DFW. It’s a great honor for everyone involved”

As Mr. Evans states, there is a great history behind this grand medical complex.

It started back in 1943 after Baylor moved from Dallas to Houston. The Southwestern foundation was determined that DFW should continue to have a medical school. So, classes and laboratories were setup in temporary army barracks behind the old parkland hospital.

This historic facility has little resemblance of the tiny wartime medical college launched in the army barracks back in the 1940’s.

1945_utswUT bought the facility in 2005 and turned it into one of the leading academic medical centers in the country. The campus has grown to be one of the world’s top academic medical centers and No. 1 hospital in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The growth is directly contributed to the work of thousands of dedicated physicians, nurses and world-renowned researchers.
EMR is proud to contribute to this major economic impact that UTSW has added to North Texas. In fact, each dollar spent by UT Southwestern generates more than $2 additionally for the local economy.

Interesting facts:
– The original hospital opened in 1894 in a wooden building on a 17-acre meadow located at Oak Lawn Avenue and Maple.

– The name Parkland came from the land on which the hospital was built, originally purchased by the city as a park.

– Parkland hospital was the medical center that treated our President John F. Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally after they were assassinated in Dallas 1963.

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