“MEI delivers versatile learning and support of their manufactured equipment”


EMR traveled to the Midwest to MEI (Minnesota Elevator Inc.) manufacturing facility. The construction teams participated in the training at the MEI corporate office in Mankato Minnesota where they received in-depth training instructions on the products and manufacturers MEI supports.

They covered the installation course for cabs, fixtures, rails, power units, VMI controllers, piping, hydraulic jacks and GAL door equipment.

MEI specializes in custom built elevators throughout the world. Each elevator produced by MEI is individually engineered.  The customized full elevator packages are being installed at UT Southwestern Medical Center by EMR Elevator.

There’s a reason why the manufacturer train the installers. MEI delivers versatile learning and support of their manufactured equipment and educates the installers to increase product quality from engineering to installation. Training and support gives the next generation of installers a heads up on the newer non-proprietary equipment engineered for the ever-changing industry. The training administrators are given the tools to provide the entire learning process, from baseline knowledge to hands-on. The course provides the behind-the-scene operation and engineering tools to successfully install MEI equipment. The construction team will carry the knowledge and experience with them throughout their careers.







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