Darth Elevator

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Carrolton TX was one of the most creative customers we’ve ever come across. EMR was blessed with much more than their business. We were witness to their awesome attitude during their elevator modernization down time.

“The force is strong with you stair walker!”

Earlier this year EMR was hired by the church to perform a complete modernization of their elevator controller, original machine and fixtures. The kicker was, it was their ONLY elevator to their 750 students and 600 members and staff. No matter what frustration is usually expected.

Our project team notified the church of the lead time for proper accommodations. Without delay they prepared in the most unusual way. They first voted on a character of the elevator and decided to rename it “Darth Elevator”.

Then they got full size Darth Elevator posters and life-size standups to keep the encouragement up until the modernization was complete in September 2018.

They had Darth hang out in front of the elevator throughout the entire construction phase to remind everyone of the “elevator to come”. The poster looked similar to a movie poster that said “coming September 2018….”

The congregation and staff were so happy to finally have their elevator back in full service that Pastor Micha Miller brought Darth on stage the first Sunday in September “drop kicked” Darth. It was a delight for the entire church!
This unexpected great attitude during this “down-time” was inspiring to not only the third-party observers but to all of us involved.

Every day we all come across “down times” but it’s inspiring to say the least when an entire congregation practices this together. It’s a good reminder that we could all prepare ourselves for a joyful heart.

The show must go on! Wortham Theater


EMR Elevator has been a part of the ongoing restoration project for Houston’s Wortham Theater Center. Although the building is still recovering, parts of the theater will open to the public this Sunday for the first time since Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston. Repair work is still underway, but the show must go on!

The 31 year old landmark which is home to the renowned Houston Ballet and Grand Opera has been closed since the unprecedented storm hit the Houston area and sustained over 12 feet of water. On August 27, 2017 water filled the basement of the 437,000-sf structure. While the building was powered down before the worst of the storm, there was major damage to the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment including the vertical transportation.

EMR’s highly skilled elevator mechanics and adjustors worked tirelessly to focus on repairing 12 of the building’s elevators & escalators. The iconic venue relies highly on the use of their transportation for the ongoing construction to complete the project on time and for opening their doors permanently.

Fun Fact:

Paley Sculptures
The Paley Sculptures are decorative, ribbon-like sculptures flowing gracefully on either side of the Wortham Center front entrance escalators. These magnificent stairway sculptures, mark the artist’s first use of color in his steel sculpture work. Collectively, the Stairway Sculptures weigh 30 tons. Some of the individual pieces of art have as many as 400 pieces of steel. Albert Paley, the American artist, completed the sculpture in 1987.

Today the Maverick Building has a new look and purpose.

Maverick rooftopEMR Elevator was included in the historical Maverick building project in San Antonio TX. The elevators were one of the many upgrades completed to accommodate the 86 newly renovated apartments.

The city partnered with AREA Real Estate to have the Maverick  become part of San Antonio’s goal of increasing the downtown housing portfolio, especially affordable housing options in the urban core. The city invested nearly $1 million into the reconstruction.

A storied landmark on the National Register of Historic Places. Designated for it’s exceptional significance in American history. The project was awarded to the region’s leading GC in South Texas, GW Mitchell Construction, known for building and renovating landmarks for over 90 years.

GW Mitchell entrusted EMR to provide the elevator modernizations to the 95-year-old high-rise building. The scope included upgrading two Otis 311 controllers to MCE 4000 controllers and new fixtures including COP’s.

The hallway position indicators were manufactured by Innovation which were inspired by the original dial floor indicators. Each step of this 9-story modernization project was handled with extreme care and caution.Maverick origianl hoistways.

The original designer was world-renowned architect Lou Harrington who opened the downtown office building in 1922. The Highrise is named after its original owner and builder, George Maverick who was the son of Samuel Maverick, one of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Mr. Maverick built the Highrise on the site of the old Maverick Hotel which was also once the San Antonio Military Headquarters until 1881.

The Maverick of today is historically preserved, newly renovated luxury apartments located downtown San Antonio only steps away from the most visited tourist attractions and beautifully landscaped Riverwalk which features the spectacular hotels, restaurants, night clubs, bars, shopping and businesses. Today the Maverick Building has a new look and purpose.

fun facts:

Samuel Augustus Maverick (1803 – 1870) was a Texas lawyer, politician, land baron and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. His name is the source of the term “maverick,” first cited in 1867, which means “independently minded.”

Maverick settled in San Antonio, Texas and established himself as a businessman involved in real estate and ranching. He was also active in public life, serving as mayor of San Antonio, a representative in the Congress of the Republic of Texas and the state legislature, and chief justice of Bexar County.

Modernization project in Houston TX

Located in Houston Texas another featured elevator modernization project was successfully completed by EMR Elevator, Inc.

The beautiful 1950’s Heights building originally developed  for Southwestern Bell was the historical structure that once housed, switchboards, operators and crank telephones.

The high-end development was a residential product of Röhe & Wright builders. Known for their timeless architecture and sought after neighborhoods. They purchased the three story property and quickly began working on the luxurious transformation.

Bell. Heights
Penthouse Construction

EMR was honored to be awarded the vertical transportation portion of this high-end project. The scope consisted of demolishing the three-story elevators and modernizing everything from elevator controllers to cabs.

Bell HEig
EMR Director and Supervisor

The swift elevator controllers were replaced by California Manufacturer (EC), who provided their latest pixel controllers. The easy design made the installation quick and seamless.

The builders focused the architectural style on preserving the history of the building while creating modern features and structural support required.

The elevator’s overall esthetic looks were inspired by the appreciation of the original building’s unique cab design. The antique cab shells were modernized by C. Lindsey Designs of Texas. The designers were successful in reclaiming the original materials. The curved shell and nickel silver trim was carefully refinished to recover the classic elevator features.

The operation of the elevators in the early phases of the project was a major factor to the overall construction. Thanks to everyone involved the project was a huge success!


New Bell Heights Condominiums
Bell Heights Cottages

Grand Opening of the Robert B. Rowling Hall was a success!

New escalators installed by EMR Elevator at the new Robert Rowling hall building.
New glass elevators installed by EMR Elevator at the brand new McCombs School of Business.
EMR elevator construction team with general contractor DPR 

The UT community gathered last night for the grand opening of Rowling Hall and lit up the skies over campus and Austin last night. A great cause for celebration!

Grand Opening of the Robert B. Rowling Hall was a success! The construction teams and project managers on this project have continued to work on the elevators and escalators to help show off the building to all the friends and donors at McCombs School of Business. Our teams showed up in their best to enjoy the festivities and run the glass elevators for Mr Robert Rowling himself!

EMR proudly accepted praises for their support and continued efforts at RBRH and all of their UT projects.




Elevator construction for the future site of the Texas MBA, Rowling Hall.



EMR Elevator is stepping closer to completion of the Robert B. Rowling Hall construction project which includes 1 basement style geared traction,2 overhead geared tractions, 4 MRL gearless tractions, 1 passenger hydraulic, 1 hydraulic bi-parting freight elevator,  and 4 escalators.

The cutting edge building designed by Ennead Architects and Jacobs Engineering, managed by DPR is coming together nicely.

Construction plans on the future site of the Texas MBA, Rowling Hall, began fall 2014. The new building, next to the AT&T Executive conference center on the west side of the UT-Austin campus, is projected to open this year. Rowling Hall will be the “launch pad” for projects between the school’s students & alumni, and the wider Austin community. The vertical transportation installed by EMR Elevator’s open hoistways are a stand-out feature of this building. These Motion Control Elevators are a innovative product heritage – non-proprietary, serviceable and maintainable elevator customized specifically for the building’s design and high-traffic use.

Check back with us to see updates on this project.